Character Species: Goutari



    Goutari are a race of elemental-based creatures. As opposed to typical elemental designs, each Goutari consists of two elements: a dominant element and a submissive element.* For each permutation, there is a Goutari character. Based on the elements they are, they have different abilities that they can use.

The Goutari were initially concepted to be elemental ideas, but with a bit more complexity, and, further still, fairly reduced designs. They lend themselves to a videogame mechanic, where players use different Goutari to explore in different ways.

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A foray in to traditional media, this was done with watercolor and ink. I wanted to emphasize than, if the Goutari were to make contact with our world, they would have no idea what to do with anything.

The previous design was very top heavy in visual cues, so this attempt was to try and spread them out more. Also tried a more blue hue, since the plant/organic element is meant to be the submissive of the two. Wispier markings were also incorporated to reinforce the air dominance.

The Air/Organic, Netiden. Helicopter seeds seemed a perfect match for wings, which were then established as wings in a dragonfly pattern. Moth and butterfly antenna were also added. With enough indications of flight, I brought in leaves on the head, an insectoid mouth pattern, and a split in the nose to bring back organic motifs. The split nose is reminiscent of a split seen in wood.