Characters: Cycle



    Cycle is a short story conceived in a storyboarding class in 2010. It follows Chi as it is born and grows up. The character designs are intended to be abstract and essentially inhuman, but still being relatable though their facial expressions and body language. The story is carried by a single song only.

The two types of people in the film are divided by markings only. One side has very crisp markings of black and white, and the other has smooth shades of cool grey. They constantly fight for territory when they meet, but are for the most part widely dispersed. There is no gender among the characters, but they may be arbitrarily referred to as he or she.

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The character Eral, showing the main shape used in its character design.

A composition featured as my graduating piece, it is printed on a 5 foot long sheet. Nitse is seated on a sphere with afoot on a cube, Chi is wrapped around a cone, and Eral is lurking behind.

The cone, sphere, and cube are the first primitive shapes many artists learn and are considered the core in basic understanding making art with any mass. Understanding these basic shapes gives support for even the abstract body shapes of the characters in Cycle.

The final models of Nitse (left) and Chi (right) in their standard T poses. Some rendering problems were occurring in the textures, especially in Chi’s body, they have since been figured out.